Work-Study Grant &

Enrichment Workshops

Work-Study Grant &

Enrichment Workshops

You Run This Town Foundation What’s Next Work-Study Program


  • Enrichment workshops in career development, mentorship, and work-study grant to high school youth.  

  • Programs are invited to all high school grades, work-study program offered only to Juniors and Seniors.

  • Senior youth who attend work-study workshops are eligible to apply for annual scholarship, awarded every Spring. 

Enrichment Worshops:

Resume Building

Interview Techniques & Dress for Success

Higher Education/Financial Literacy


What is the Work-Study Grant?

  • 3-month grant program 

  • Grant hours are up to 8-hours/per week, not to exceed 32 hours/month

  • $300/month stipend

  • Youth attend 3 enrichment workshops (listed above)

  • Real job Interview with YRTTF staff

  • Youth selected for grant position 


How does the Work-Study Program benefit youth?

  • Youth gain real work experience, interning at their school/organization, learn responsibility and work ethics, and build their resume and self confidence.

  • Upon request, YRTTF may provide letters of recommendation/reference to youth for job or school application. 

  • Senior youth who attend work-study program are eligible to apply for annual scholarship, awarded every Spring. 



YRTTF will host 2 additional workshops during the 3-month grant.

  • At 2nd month: “Meet a Mentor” are guest speakers who are a professional in his or her own field (ex. Teacher, Firefighter, Engineer, Entrepreneur, etc).  This is a casual speaker series setting where the guest speaker shares their story about their educational and career path to success and is open to Q&A from youth.

  • At 3rd month: Towards the end of the work-study grant, YRTTF will host a pizza party to all youth who attended the workshop, follow-up with youth intern, Q&A from other youth, and an introduction to next semester work-study program.



Annual Scholarships:

All youth who participated in the program are eligible to apply for the annual scholarship, awarded every Spring.  

Every donation supports our youth with enrichment programs, work-study internship, scholarship, and community engagement projects. 

You Run This Town Foundation is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization and your donation is considered tax-deductible.  You Run This Town Foundation will provide a tax receipt for all donations.  

EIN #81-1520547

Each contribution makes a difference to a life of Success.   


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