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Books and Beyond

What's Next after High School?  Do I go to college, or trade school? Get a job? What is the difference between all these educational institutions?


Books and Beyond wants to help students with information on different types of opportunities after high school.  Sometimes going to college is not for everyone, sometimes getting a job is the best option, sometimes going to a trade school is the way to go.


The workshop will go over:

-  College applications and deadlines.

-  Overview of Colleges, Universities, Trade School, Job Opportunities.


These workshops are for students, but parents are welcome to join!  


Financing the Future

What's Next?  You have the grades, you filled out the college applications, next thing on the list is one of the biggest steps, how do I pay for college?  


All college applicants come from a variety of financial backgrounds.  This is the toughest decision a family has to make together is to whether the parents can afford to pay for tuition or is the child responsible enough to take out the loans.  


Many are unaware of the different opportunities set for students, depending on their eligibility backgound.  There are public and private loans, government loans and grants, state subsidized funding, scholarship opportunities, so many options to choose from.  


Financing the Future workshop provides information on the different ways for financing education and application deadlines for government funding.  


Professional financial mentors will be on-site to answer any questions from the parent or student.  


Don't let finances get in the way of higher education, there are options! 



Resume Building

First jobs are always nerve racking.  Resume workshops help young people build their resume by exploring and inspiring skills, talents, extra-curricular activities, volunteer experience, and community involvement.

Become A
Workshop Mentor

You Run This Town Foundation is always looking for passionate mentors willing to give back to the community and making a difference.  


If you are interested in:


- Financial Advising

- Higher Education 

- Career Preparation

- Life Skills


We would love to have a part of our team.  


Every opportunity gives a child

a chance to Succeed!  

Seeking Skillful

Looking for volunteering opportunites? We can always use the help.


If you have skills in:

- Administration

- Marketing & Public Relations

- Social Media

- Fundraising

- Grant writing

- Accounting


Come join the team and see the difference we can make together.  


Every opportunity gives a child

a chance to Succeed!  


Interview Skills and

Dress For Success

First impressions make a difference.  This workshop offers tools and techniques to help youth be better prepared for educational, career & job interviews through the use of communication, engagement, and appropriate dress attires for different job opportunities.  


Find Your Path, 

Build Your Future

Find Your Path, Build Your Future Workshop is to encourage youth to think about their future goals and how to reach those goals using the skills/talents that they have today.  

By the end of the workshop, we are hopeful that youths will understand how they can use their skills and talents to become who they want to be in the future, and what they can do to make their dreams come true.  

Scholarship Award

Each year, You Run This Town Foundation offers a Scholarship Award to deserving students, who have shown excellence in academics, volunteer, extracurricular activities, and willingness to make a difference in their lives and their community.  


Scholarship applications must be at Senior Level in High School or a current student enrolled full-time in an educational institution to apply.  Essay and Resume required.  Please check scholarship application for eligibility requirements and deadline.  




Work Study Program

Open to our selected community partners, students who complete YRTTF's enrichment workshops, will have the opportunity for hands-on experience working at their current high school. 

Just like a regular job interview, students will utilize what they learned from the enrichment workshops and apply for the Internship position.

The internship is open to Juniors and Seniors.  Internship hours range from 25-30 hours a month and students will receive a monthly stipend of $300.  


During the work-study internship, students will learn to be responsible, learn good work ethics, professionalism, and build confidence.  



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