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Enrichment Workshops

Enrichment Workshops

YRTTF programs are designed to help youth develop leadership qualities and important life skills to prepare them for a successful future. 



  1. Resume Building – Youth participate in a hands-on process of developing a working resume that incorporates the skills, projects, tasks, and jobs they participate in during the program, to build a foundational First Resume that highlights their assets and promise as future leaders. 

  2. Career Preparation – Youth are provided with interview techniques and coaching on professional attire in preparation for job interviews and the work environment.

  3. Financial Planning – Youth are guided through developing a budget; establishing a budget, paying bills, saving, and managing paychecks (taxes, setting up bank accounts, deposit/withdrawal, online payments, etc.)

  4. Degree Attainment – Youth are provided with advising on identifying different career paths after high school. Youth research academic institutions, prerequisite courses, financial aid, admissions, and linking to on campus resources (EOPS, TRIO, UPWARD Bound, etc.)

  5. Professional and Civic Engagement – Encourage youth to pursue a promising career that leads to financial, professional, and personal achievement. Youth are encouraged to map out their professional career paths (vocational/management, etc.) and the community/civic organizations/causes they will participate in as actively engaged adults. 

  6. Financial Support Services – youth who complete the YRTTF career development workshop series qualify to apply for the Work-Study Grant, a paid internship at their school, designed to provide work experience at their school. Youth develop professional, team, social and interpersonal skills, responsibility and a strong work ethic. Youth receive a $300 stipend per month as the basis for the financial planning component. Graduating Seniors who have successfully completed the Student Success Pathway, may apply for  $500 - $1,000 Scholarships to support their academic and career aspirations which are awarded at the partnering school awards night or YRTTF luncheon.

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