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Creating the footprint...

Letter from the Founder

You Run This Foundation evolved from a dream.   Just like any beginning, it started from the heart, goals created, putting in long hours, sleepless nights, the work was endless and gratifying to make it happen.  The drive to launch this foundation was personal. Stories that were unforgettable.  It was the moment of helplessness, the feeling that I wanted to do more, but the timing was not on my side. 


Growing up in Long Beach, California, it was an experience of hardship evolving from an immigrated family and where dreams were crushed by tradition that began this journey.  At a young age, I witnessed the struggles of my peers suffering from mental health and the lack of resources and support provided. Starting this organization was engraved in me that I knew one day I wanted to make a difference.  I'm hopeful that our stories can be shared and to pave the way for our next generation.  


You Run This Town Foundation’s mission is to make youth our priority.  They are the most influential and at the same time, the most highly influenced.  Giving our youth and young ladies any opportunities to grow and learn, be creative, build resilience and confidence, and to be great leaders, is key to help increase their quality of life and a better future. 

Our community footprint starts here.  


We are forever grateful for the continued support and looking forward to the future together, 

Founder of You Run This Town Foundation

Michelle Pagtakhan

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