Martha De La Torre 

 Director of Programs

Martha De La Torre received her Bachelor of Arts in Criminology, Law & Society from the University of California Irvine, and her Master’s in Public Administration from the University of Southern California with a focus on nonprofit administration. Having previously worked for the Los Angeles County Probation Department with the juvenile population, she is dedicated to helping youth follow a course that will help them thrive and be successful in reaching their goals. She has been working with YRTTF from the very beginning, starting as a volunteer and now as our Director of Programs. She is dedicated to serving her community and to accomplishing her goals of helping youth and women be empowered to create a better future for all. 


Naomi Howansky

Community Relations Director

Naomi is a singer-songwriter and youth advocate from Long Beach, CA. She received her undergraduate communication studies degree at California State University-Long Beach. She is passionate about serving her community and providing opportunities for youth. With an impressive background in music production and songwriting, Naomi works with dozens of young independent artists worldwide through hook writing, toplining, features, vocal recording, etc. She has helped many talented youth create their first song and record in a music studio for the first time. Naomi continues to exercise her passion by working closely with YRTTF. 

Alvin Phan

Marketing Intern

Alvin is a recent CSULB graduate with a BS in Marketing and is currently going back for his Masters in Marketing at CSULB. Being born and raised in Huntington Beach, CA he had grown up in an environment where the lifestyle is always relaxing and carefree. From picking up various hobbies such as music, dance, and travel, the thing that stuck with him the most was photography. Combining photography and travel has encouraged him to get out of his comfort zone by seeking out the foreign corners of the world. He always had the drive to give back to the community, where he attained some leadership roles for volunteer groups such as, Key Club International and Red Cross. With this background, Alvin hopes that by providing his services at YRTTF he will help the community and better its youth. 


Adriel Garcia

Marketing Intern

Adriel is a recent CSUN graduate with a BS in Criminal Justice. Adriel will be going to Allan Hancock College to complete his Fire Technology AS. His goal is to work in a collateral unit, this will allow him to investigate Arson cases. Adriel was born and raised in Central California. The city he calls home is Santa Maria. The Santa Marian culture is all about family and barbequing. The tight family culture is where his passion for people erupted from. It began with his love for the sport of soccer. What started off as a hobby would later lead him to volunteer at the YMCA and coach the Youth. Once realizing the impact he made on people's lives, he decided to utilize his skills and passion in other ways. Adriel hopes to help the community by bettering its youth with the help of YRTTF.