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Work-study internship and enrichment workshops

Work-Study Grants

Work-Study Grants

Opportunities for Youth

- Youth who complete the YRTTF career development workshop series qualify to apply for the Work-Study Grant, a paid internship at their school, designed to provide work experience at their school.


- Youth develop professional, team, social and interpersonal skills, responsibility and a strong work ethic.


- Youth receive a $300 stipend per month as the basis for the financial planning component.

- Graduating Seniors who have successfully completed the Student Success Pathway, may apply for  $500 - $1,000 Scholarships to support their academic and career aspirations which are awarded at the partnering school awards night or YRTTF luncheon. 

- Contact your school/organization for participation information. 

- Work-Study grants are offered at selected schools/organizations.

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